unparalleled access TO SILICON VALLEY

Empowering Canada’s most promising early-stage founders as they build category-defining companies.


The C100 Fellows program provides  Canada’s highest-potential entrepreneurs with unparalleled access to world-class mentorship and a risk-embracing community of like-minded builders. The program features two immersive experiences in the Bay Area - called “48Hrs in the Valley” - where Fellows are exposed to the Silicon Valley mindset and mentoring with C100’s network consisting of the best Bay Area entrepreneurs, operators, and investors.

C100 Fellows leave the program empowered, enriched and inspired to become global leaders and make a meaningful impact on society.

“Being part of C100's Fellowship means you’re never alone on your entrepreneurial journey. From immersion at 48Hrs in the Valley, to continuous interactions with fellow founders, including learnings, insights and mentoring from C100's global membership, every moment is about gaining actionable insights and building relationships that support personal and professional growth. It’s an essential program for any founder looking to scale globally and make a significant impact.” 
Martin Basiri (2017 Fellow)
CEO/Co-Founder, Passage and Former CEO/Co-Founder of ApplyBoard, C100 Charter Member
Support for the best Canadian startups

Learn from the Valley

Both flagship “48Hrs in the Valley” events offer two days of intensive mentorship and networking, providing Fellows with critical insights and opportunities to accelerate their growth.

Founder-focused networking

Dedicated peer-to-peer sessions foster deep connections within the cohort, facilitating a collaborative learning environment.

Curated mentorship

Each Fellow is matched with a tailored group of mentors including top growth-stage founders and expert operators, ensuring relevant and impactful guidance.

Own a bigger space

C100 Fellows alumni have learned to push further and achieve the impossible.

Canadian-led companies
in equity capital raised
employees hired

Meet the 2023 Fellows

This year’s cohort comprises 21 notable early-stage companies across deep tech, SaaS, healthcare tech, ed-tech, marketplace, energy, ag-tech, and wellness sectors.

These founders, who were selected from a pool of hundreds of nominees, have the potential to shape the future of the entire Canadian tech ecosystem.


key dates

May - June: Nominations & applications opened

July - August: Interview and selection

September: 48Hrs (#1)

January: 48Hrs (#2)

A & K Robotics, Agora, CentML, DINR, Durable, Flint Healthcare, FutureFit AI, GotCare, Halp, Masterpiece Studio, Minerva AI, Moment Energy, Periculum, Pilot, Private AI, Rebelstork, Shakudo, Shoelace Learning, Stan, Three Ships Beauty, VendorPM, Vivid Machines
accord, aviron, axya,calico, float, jaza, ledn, lydia ai, manifest climate, penfield ai, pine, purposemed, rockmass technologies, shopthing, spare, stadium live, twentyeight health, venue, wrk
artenal ,athennian, callia, chargelab, diversio, enpowered, faber, lilia, milk moovement, neo, patch, penny, perksy, relay, resq, snack, sollum, tribe, savvyy, willful, wondeur
acorn, avalon, beatdapp, booqed, breathelife, casca, cinchy, clutch, conversation health, darwin, finaeo, freshline, gbatteries, gofor, jane, lane, medchart, dcbel, proof, ratio city, redcircle, scholarme, shift, smart access, spocket, virtuo
abr, acadium, blume, fellow, harbr, invivo, ionomr, keela, lumen5, neuraura, nicoya, omni, oncall, passenger, phenomic, properly, renorun, skyhive, smooch, snaptravel, stay22, stellaralgo, tacit, unito, voiceflow, vivavax
2018 (Summer Cohort)
ALAviDA,bluemesa,chatter,Cover,CTO.ai,dooly,flinks,flipd,FrontRunner,Healthy Pets,HelpWear,Hyre,Keatext,Kitte,KOHO,Looka,PartnerStack,Streamline Genomics,switchboard,symend,zayzoon
2017 (Winter Cohort)
#paid, Acerta, Algolux, Altus Assessments, Applyboard, Clearco,coconutsoftware, dothealth, Elucidlabs, Flashfood, humi, Passportal, Plum, QRACorp, setter, Smarthalo, Validere, Veerum, Vention
2017 (Spring Cohort)
ada, athletigen, Automat.ai, conavi, drop, finnai, giatec, intellitix, kepler, keynexus, klue, mejuri, mosaic, noviflow, palette, plooto, stream systems, thisopenspace, unata, calenderHero (Formerly Zoom.ai), 7Shiffts
2010 - 2016: Notable Alumni
eventbrite (formerly Picatic), Frank And Oak, Financeit., Big Viking Games, Bridgit, Wealthsimple, Borrowell, Jobber, Sonder, Sensibill, Flytographer, Sampler, Hubdoc, Flybits, Kik, Well.ca, Tulip, MOJIO, Klipfolio

Have a Canadian connection:

Founders are either Canadian, or building a startup in Canada.

Lead a high-growth, early-stage startup:

This program is geared towards helping Canada’s most promising early-stage tech founders, leading companies that have secured seed funding or are generating up to $5 million in revenue, and demonstrate global ambitions with early signs of product-market fit.

Founder Fit:

Looking for community-minded founders building a global company that will help make a significant impact in the world.


Beginning with 48 Hrs

Every new cohort kicks off with a flagship 48Hrs event where Fellows are highlighted and amplified to C100’s community of top global mentors, investors and industry executives.


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September 21, 2023
Members & Charter Members
Flagship Event
September 21, 2023
Members & Charter Members

C100 was instrumental in helping us raise our Series A and kicking off our expansion into the U.S.

Francis Davidson
CEO & Co-Founder, Sonder


What is the C100 Fellows Program?

How is the C100 Fellows Program different from other Canadian accelerator programs?

What types of companies should apply?

How do you select companies to participate in the C100 Fellows Program?

Can you describe the application process for the C100 Fellows Program?

What if we don’t meet all the criteria?

How much does it cost?

How does the program operate after 48Hrs?

What kind of support can I expect from the program regarding networking?

Are there specific industries you focus on within the Fellows Program?

What is expected from Fellows during the program?

How does the Fellows Program handle confidentiality?