August 15, 2023

Meet the 2023 Fellows

Written by
Marie Cook

Meet the 22 most daring founders building globally-impactful companies in Canada

C100 Fellows has been a driving force in the Canadian tech landscape since its inception in 2010, providing mentorship and meaningful connections to over 300 founders. We are so proud to announce the 2023 Fellows cohort! 

This year’s cohort comprises 22 notable early-stage companies across deep tech, SaaS, healthcare tech, ed-tech, marketplace, energy, ag-tech, and wellness sectors. These founders, who were selected from a pool of hundreds of nominees, have the potential to shape the future of the entire Canadian tech ecosystem.  

“By curating an exceptional network of top-tier global investors and experienced leaders and operators from the world's top technology companies, our goal is to make it an advantage for the world's most ambitious founders to build their businesses in Canada. The 2023 Fellows embody diversity, innovation, and ambition, and with the fellowship as their launchpad, we believe each of these founders can be industry leaders in their respective markets."

— Ray Newal
CEO of C100

In the constantly shifting landscape of technological innovation, Canada is emerging as a thriving ground for ambitious founders building generational and globally impactful companies, and C100's Fellowship experience continues to evolve to ensure a competitive edge for these founders building in Canada.  

Meet the 2023 Fellows cohort:

A&K Robotics

📍 Vancouver, BC

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

Jessica Yip, LinkedIn

A&K Robotics is an autonomous micro mobility company. They believe that the movement of people, services and experiences will be revolutionized to create a more accessible and sustainable world for everyone.


📍 San Francisco/Toronto


Charlie Feng, LinkedIn

Kent Fenwick, LinkedIn 

Yitong Zhang, LinkedIn

Agora is building the OS to power internet-native communities.


📍 Toronto, ON

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

Gennady Pekhimenko, LinkedIn

Shang Wang, LinkedIn 

Akbar Nurlybaev, LinkedIn 

CentML turbocharges your AI game by optimizing ML models to work smarter and faster, slashing compute costs and boosting margins.


📍Toronto, ON

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

Jennifer Tremblay, LinkedIn

DINR is creating the most trusted platform for culinary and hospitality experiences, events and reservations. As a concierge in your pocket, DINR works exclusively with best-in-category hospitality partners, and also unlocks same-day reservations at Michelin and similar calibre restaurants for its high value guests.


📍 Vancouver, BC

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

James Clift, LinkedIn

Helio Bentes, LinkedIn

Durable uses AI to make owning a business easier than having a job. 

Flint Healthcare

📍 Vancouver, BC

Website | LinkedIn

Kenton Jarvie, LinkedIn

Anson Kung, LinkedIn

Flint is on a mission to help American Healthcare by solving their biggest problem: not enough nurses. Through software, Flint is able to reduce the complexity of licensing and immigration to allow hospitals to easily hire international nurses from around the world.

FutureFit AI

📍 Toronto, ON

Website | LinkedIn

Hamoon Ekhtiari, LinkedIn

Terralynn Forsyth, LinkedIn 

FutureFit AI’s North Star is unlocking the world’s pathways between talent and opportunity. Using AI, they aim to empower talent with a GPS to navigate their careers, help employers unlock untapped talent pools, and enable governments to help talent access the right opportunities faster.


📍 Toronto, ON

Website | LinkedIn

Chenny Xia, LinkedIn

Carol MacDonald, LinkedIn 

Gotcare is a healthtech company on a mission to transform what types of health services can be provided in the home setting. With Canada’s largest network of community care workers, Gotcare is able to deliver care to homes that were traditionally unreachable - including service to over 100 remote communities across the country.


📍 Toronto, ON

Website | LinkedIn 

Matthew McLellan, LinkedIn

Justin Mills, LinkedIn 

Marc Fielding, LinkedIn 

Halp is a digital admissions coach that helps international students through the study abroad journey. Their vision is to become the infrastructure, bank, and teacher for global learners.

Masterpiece Studio

📍 Ottawa, ON

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

Jonathan Gagne, LinkedIn

Masterpiece Studio’s vision is to make 3D creation effortless. Its mission is to unlock 1 billion 3D creatives. 

Minerva AI

📍 Toronto, ON

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter 

Jennifer Arnold, LinkedIn

To transform AML from the inefficient and ineffective box ticking exercise it is today, and its reputation as a constantly growing cost centre, to a new paradigm that is wildly efficient, effective, predictive, invisible and almost costless--so financial services providers (fintechs, payments, crypto and banks) can focus on growth while also putting human traffickers and others who would use our financials systems to harm humanity, out of business.

Moment Energy

📍 Vancouver, BC

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

Edward Chiang, LinkedIn

Moment Energy is a BC cleantech startup creating clean, affordable, and reliable battery energy storage systems (BESS) by repurposing retired electric vehicle batteries. Its Flora BESS help utilities, microgrids and commercial customers improve grid reliability and replace fossil fuel consumption with renewable energy. Its Flora BESS provides flexibility and efficiency to fuel their customer's success, whether it's optimizing energy costs, powering EV charging stations, or integrating renewable sources.


📍 Toronto, ON

\Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

Michael Collins, LinkedIn

A leading Artificial Intelligence and Data analytics company dedicated to empowering businesses with AI-powered products and cutting-edge technology solutions.


📍 Vancouver, BC

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram

Connor Wilson, LinkedIn

Pilot’s mission is to enable people everywhere to discover and share memorable experiences together.

Private AI

📍 Toronto, ON

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

Patricia Thaine, LinkedIn

Founded in 2019 by privacy and machine learning experts from the University of Toronto, Private AI’s mission is to create a privacy layer for software and enhance compliance with current regulations such as the GDPR. Identifying, reducing and removing privacy risks using AI, Private AI allows companies to unlock the value of the data they collect – whether it’s structured or unstructured data. Private AI is backed by M12, Microsoft’s venture fund, and BDC, and has been named as one of the 2023 World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers, CIX Top 20, Regtech100, and more.


📍 Toronto, ON

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram

Emily Hosie, LinkedIn

Rebelstork has unique access to the largest supply of surplus and liquidated baby gear in North America. They are creating a B2B platform that makes it seamless for suppliers and buyers to acquire vetted premium baby gear at the best values. As a BCorp, they have changed the entire baby gear industry and are on track to becoming the biggest liquidator in the space.


📍 Toronto, ON

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

Yevgeniy Vahlis, LinkedIn

Stella Wu, LinkedIn 

Christine Yuen, LinkedIn 

Shakudo’s vision is to create an all-encompassing data platform that brings companies of all technical levels into the era of data and AI. They strive to seamlessly integrate best-of-breed open-source and commercial tools, enabling businesses to harness the full potential of data without worrying about operational overhead or costs. Their goal is to become the go-to solution for data infrastructure, constantly evolving to adopt the latest advancements in data engineering, data science, and AI. By doing so, they aim to empower companies to focus on innovation and growth, regardless of their technical expertise, and truly embrace the power of data-driven decision making.

Shoelace Learning

📍 Halifax, NS

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

Julia Rivard Dexter, LinkedIn

Shoelace delivers personalized reading and comprehension instruction through video games kids love.


📍Los Angeles, CA

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram

John Hu, LinkedIn

Vitalii Dodonov, LinkedIn

Stan is the easiest way to make money online by selling courses, memberships, and meetings all on one platform. They are championing a movement: one where anyone, anywhere can make money working for themselves while pursuing their passion.

Three Ships Beauty

📍Toronto, ON

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram

Connie Lo, LinkedIn

Laura Burget, LinkedIn 

Three Ships Beauty is on a mission to be the most effective natural beauty brand in the world.


📍Toronto, ON

Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

Emiel Bril, LinkedIn 

VendorPM exists to modernize the way vendors and property managers work together. 

Vivid Machines

📍 Toronto, ON

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram

Jenny Lemieux, LinkedIn

Jonathan Binas, LinkedIn 

Vivid Machines empowers fruit producers through visibility and understanding of every plant.

The cohort convenes in San Francisco in September to participate in 48Hrs, an immersive experience designed to instil Silicon Valley's entrepreneurial spirit and mindset, inspiring the Fellows to envision and pursue bold, transformative objectives for their ventures.

Throughout the remainder of the year-long experience, Fellows engage in a unique combination of mentorship and collaborative events, equipping them with the tools, insights, and guidance necessary to navigate the challenges of scaling their ventures and impacting the Canadian tech ecosystem.

We look forward to witnessing how these trailblazers will transform their respective industries and contribute to the growth of the Canadian tech ecosystem!


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