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Where Canada’s top scaling companies work with the world’s foremost business leaders.

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The C100 Growth Program addresses the key obstacles faced by rapidly scaling companies in the Canadian tech ecosystem: the lack of later-stage risk-tolerant capital, a shortage of experienced leaders who have successfully scaled while managing organizations in highly competitive global markets, and a lack of 1:1 personalized mentoring opportunities with leaders who have built global market leaders.

A year of comprehensive support for scaling companies - their CEOs and leadership teams - with in-person and online workshops, customized mentoring, role-based peer groups, and extensive access to Silicon Valley’s ecosystem of resources, and global-scale experience.

Our mission is to transform Canada into a global technology powerhouse. By 2030, we aim to propel more than 100 Canadian technology and tech-enabled companies past $100M in ARR and elevate dozens to surpass ARR of $1B.


In-person & online workshops

Learn from the world’s best “been there/done that” experts.

Customized mentoring

Engage with the world’s top mentors for your entire leadership team - not just founders and CEOs.

Role-based peer groups

Create a personal board of directors and connect with peers facing similar opportunities and challenges in monthly forums.

Access to the Valley

Tap into our extensive network of funders, operators, and partners with global-scale experience.

Had we been able to tap into this program's immense pool of experience and Silicon Valley connectivity during the foundational years of PointClickCare, I'm convinced we would have accelerated our path to global expansion.

Mike Wessinger
Co-Chair, C100 | Co-Founder, PointClickCare

Learn 1:1 from the best in the world

Scaling companies requires a continuous evolution across various dimensions. C100 provides access to the world’s best scaling experts who specialize in helping founders and leadership teams transform organizations through the most difficult fast-growth phases and common obstacles.

Key Dates

April - June:  Applications open

July - August:  Interview and selection

September:  Program launch

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