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Acting on C100's mission requires an intersection of community, connection, and thought leadership. Throughout its history, C100 has found that community events have the highest success at connecting innovative Canadian founders with mentors and partners here in Silicon Valley.

Regular events include Canadians in Tech, for the whole Bay Area Canadian tech community; Valley 101, for Canadian founders just getting started with their company; 48Hrs in the Valley, for founders that are actively fundraising and growing; and Growth Summit, for founders and companies that are rapidly scaling into high profile positions in the Canadian tech economy.

Valley 101 and Canadians in Tech are open to anyone interested - 48Hrs and Growth Summit are invitation only.

2019 Events

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16 - Canadians in Tech


5 & 6 - C100’s Growth Summit

12 - Bay Area Intern Event

28 - Canadians in Tech


To be announced soon!