Feb 15
Half Moon Bay, California
C100 Summit 2023

C100 Annual Summit brings together our Members, the preeminent global community of Canadian leaders & entrepreneurs, to build long-lasting connections with fellow Canadian leaders.

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C100 Members & Invited Special Guests
Event runs
C100 Members & Invited Special Guests
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C100’s annual convening of global Canadian leaders of influential organizations. Founders and leaders of post-Series B companies are invited to join C100’s Summit for a day of high-impact networking, off-the-record learning, and celebrating the best of Canadian leadership in technology.

Who participates:

  • Canadian founders & executives of impactful, growth-stage technology companies (200+ employees, post-Series B)
  • High-impact Canadian expatriates in leadership within technology companies, and are motivated to engage in mentorship, networking, and dialogue with the Canadian startup community

Pre-Series B founders and early-stage investors are encouraged to convene at 48Hrs or to get involved in C100’s Fellowship program.

What can you expect walking away from C100's Annual Summit?

  • Inspire and be inspired by a global Canadian community of leaders, operators and founders in large format discussion groups, intimate fireside chats and social outings with fellow C100 Members
  • Get answers from top leaders of your most burning, top-of-mind questions
  • Walk away having build new and existing relationships in an authentic, off-the-record environment
  • Shine a light on some of the most compelling Canadians leading in technology today



David Baszucki
Founder and CEO
Austin Allison
Co-Founder and CEO
Michele Bousquet
Chief People Officer
Jeff Shiner
CEO: Chief Eliminator of Obstacles
Guy Gal
Co-Founder and CEO
Susan August
Total Rewards Leader
Allen Lau
Kirstine Stewart
Chief Revenue Officer
Martin Basiri
Dakota Smith
Co-Founder and President
Lara Cumberland
Hussein Fazal
Co-Founder and CEO
Eva Wong
Co-Founder & COO
David Skok
The Logic
CEO & Editor-in-Chief
Honourable Mary Ng
Gov of Canada
Minister of International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business and Economic Development
Jeff Ryan
Chief People Officer
Raquel Urtasun
Founder & CEO
Rohan Mahimker
Prodigy Education
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Marianne Bulger
True Search
Steve Carlin
Neha Khera
2048 Ventures
General Partner
Andrew Lindsay
Corporate Vice President, Industry, Data & App Business Development
Janet Bannister
Staircase Ventures
Founder and Managing Partner
Andre Charoo
Maple VC
Founder and General Partner
Jennifer Lee Koss
Springbank Collective
Founding Partner
Kristina Williams
Alberta Enterprise
Jack Newton
Co-Founder & CEO
David Rozin
VP & Head of Technology & Innovation Banking
John Stackhouse
Senior VP, Office of the CEO
Jeff McCaig
McVestCo VC | Trimac Group of Companies
President | Chairman & Owner
Dominic Penaloza
CEO & Founder
Mike Wessinger
Co-Founder and Executive Chair
Trevor Adey
McVestCo VC
General Partner
Taufiq Rahim
2040 Ventures
Brian Hale
VP, Consumer Product & Growth
Youssef Zohny
Morgan Stanley
Executive Director
Yen Lee
Chief Strategy Officer
Kim Fennell
Former Head of BD and Global Product Partnerships
Chris Arsenault
Inovia Capital
David Baszucki
Founder and CEO
Austin Allison
Co-Founder and CEO
Michele Bousquet
Chief People Officer
Jeff Shiner
CEO: Chief Eliminator of Obstacles
Guy Gal
Co-Founder and CEO
Susan August
Total Rewards Leader

Event Program

Fireside sessions
With top CXOs and executives navigating hyper-growth and scaling.
Expert-led discussions
With 15+ hours of content and structured discussions on the subject matter most topical to our Fellows.
High-impact networking
Amongst a highly-curated community of global Canadian talent.
Feb 17, 2023
  • 8.30am - 9.15am
  • Summit
  • Breakfast
  • 9.15am - 10am
  • Plenary
  • Fireside Chat with Minister Mary Ng
  • Moderated by Janet Bannister
  • 10am - 10.45am
  • Plenary
  • Fireside chat with Raquel Urtasun (Waabi), Steve Carlin (AiFi), and Andrew Lindsay (Microsoft)
  • Moderated by Andrew Lindsay
  • 10.45am - 11am
  • Summit
  • Closing Remarks
  • C100's leadership team including Co-Chairs Andre Charoo and Janet Bannister and CEO Ray Newal close the event with brief remarks.

Feb 16, 2023
  • 8.30am - 9am
  • Summit
  • Breakfast: presented by The Logic
  • Thank you to our friends at The Logic for kindly sponsoring breakfast. Connect with David Skok and Jenna Zuschlag Misener to learn more about their award winning newsroom on Canada's innovation economy.
  • 9.30am - 9.45am
  • Summit
  • Summit Kickoff and Welcome Remarks
  • C100's leadership team including Co-Chairs Andre Charoo and Janet Bannister and CEO Ray Newal kick-off the event with brief welcome remarks.
  • 9.45am - 10.45am
  • Plenary
  • Fireside chat with David Baszucki (Roblox)
  • Moderated by David Skok (The Logic)
  • 11am - 11.45am
  • Campfire
  • Building a world class people operation
  • Led by Jeff Ryan (McAfee), Michele Bousquet (Strava), Susan August (Snap) | Moderated by Marianne Bulger (Drive Capital)
  • 11am - 11.45am
  • Campfire
  • Founder stories
  • Led by Hussein Fazal (Super), Allen Lau (Wattpad), Rohan Mahimker (Prodigy Education) | Moderated by David Rozin (Scotiabank & Roynat Capital)
  • 11.45am - 12.30pm
  • Campfire
  • Campfire with Martin Basiri (ApplyBoard)
  • Moderated by Neha Khera (2048 Ventures)
  • 11.45am - 12.30pm
  • Campfire
  • Campfire with Guy Gal (Side)
  • Moderated by Eva Wong (Borrowell)
  • 12.30pm - 1.30pm
  • Summit
  • Lunch
  • 1.30pm - 2.30pm
  • Plenary
  • Navigating Hyper-Growth with Austin Allison (Pacaso)
  • Moderated by Kristina Williams (Alberta Enterprise)
  • 2.45pm - 3.45pm
  • Plenary
  • Fireside Chat with Jeff Shiner (1Password)
  • Moderated by Jennifer Lee Koss (Springbank Collective)
  • 3.45pm - 4pm
  • Summit
  • Closing Remarks with Ray Newal (C100)
  • 5pm - 9pm
  • Outdoor
  • Dinner at a secret location

Feb 15, 2023
  • 2pm - 5pm
  • Outdoor
  • Optional Pre-Summit Activity
  • Water option (Surf School): Beginner-friendly, expert-led surf school supported by Adam Shevell (Partner at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich Rosati), David Skok (Editor-and-Chief & CEO of the Logic), and Eva Wong (Co-Founder & COO of Borrowell).
  • Land option (Group Hike): Relaxed and leisurely hike in an idyllic enclave with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. We'll be led by a local ecologist and guide and supported by Janet Bannister (Partner at Real Ventures) and Kim Fennell (Former Head of BD and Global Product Partnerships at Uber).
  • 6pm - 8pm
  • Dinners
  • Welcome Dinners around Half Moon Bay
  • Spread across multiple locations around Half Moon Bay, our pre-Summit welcome dinners are a great opportunity to hear from and interact with preeminent tech leaders.
Feb 18, 2022
  • 8:00AM–9:00AM
  • Summit
  • Breakfast
  • Mexican breakfast of chilaquiles and mochas
  • 9:00AM–9:45AM
  • Firesides
  • Founder growth stories: Seed to Series B, finding product-market-fit, leading with mission and heart
  • In conversation with Kris Hartvigsen (CEO, Dooly), Jason Smith (CEO, Klue), and Henry Shi (Co-Founder, Snapcommerce)
  • 9:45AM–10:30AM
  • Firesides
  • Founder Growth Stories: Scaling Artificial Intelligence
  • In conversation with Deon Nicholas (CEO, Foresight) and Tiffany Kaminsky (Co-Founder & CMO, Symend Inc.)
  • 10:30AM–11:15AM
  • Fireside
  • Meet You in the Metaverse: How Should Leaders Prepare for our Changing Relationships with Commerce, Media, and Work
  • In conversation with Ali Nazer (Global Director of Product Marketing, Gaming, eComm and Trave, Meta), Benji Shomair (VP of Commerce Business and Go-To-Market at Meta), and "JB" Mike John-Baptiste (President, Corporate and Business Development, Versusgame)
  • 11:15AM-12:00PM
  • Fireside
  • Future of C100
  • Lean into the conversation of what's coming up quickly in the C100 Membership community
  • 12:00PM-2:00PM
  • Activity
  • Post Summit Cycling Ride led by C100's Co-Chair Emeritus Sean Harrington
  • ALL LEVELS WELCOME! Check out the beauty of Napa Valley by riding through the vines alongside fellow participants. Please see the Summit App for meet-up details
Feb 16, 2022
  • 4:00-5:00PM
  • Activity
  • Pre-Summit Walk with Janet Bannister
  • Join C100's Co-Chair for a River Walk before Summit kicks off. Please check the Summit app for details of where to meet.
  • 5:00-6:30PM
  • Welcome
  • Rooftop Welcome Reception
  • Enjoy hot toddies and comfort food while watching the sunset over Napa Valley
  • 6:30-8:00 PM
  • Evening Salon
  • Salon 1: Navigating Global Supply Chains in 2022 with Jeff McCaig (Trimac Transportation) & hosted by Lu Zhang (Fusion Fund)
  • As we navigate our way into 2022 global supply chains have risen to the forefront when contemplating inflation and post covid rearchitecting ways of working. Jeff McCaig and his 75-year-old family business, Trimac Transportation are instrumental in the Canadian/American petroleum, chemical and agricultural supply chain. Jeff founded McVestco VC to leverage his operational and financial position in the digital transformation of supply chain/trucking. As an LP in 8VC III (Waabi/Deliverr), G2VP II(Keep Truckin), NewRoad IV, and a direct investor in Platform Science, HDVI and Qualli he has made his first moves in this dimension.
  • 6:30-8:00 PM
  • Evening Salon
  • Salon 2: Repatriating Back to Canada with Chris Albinson (Communitech) and Praveen Arichandran
  • After 3 decades living abroad, Chris recently relocated to Canada to serve as CEO of Communitech, a tech hub in Kitchener-Waterloo. Praveen Arichandran (former growth executive at Citizen, Tesla, and Facebook) is about to embark on the same journey. Join the two of them in a discussion about the joys and unexpected frictions of relocating back “home” after several years in Silicon Valley and further afield.
Feb 17, 2022

  • 8:00AM–9:00AM
  • Summit
  • Breakfast Presented by The Logic
  • Join us for a California breakfast before kicking off the day
  • 9:00AM–9:45AM
  • Fireside
  • Technology Leadership and the Fight for Global Tech Talent
  • In conversation with Michelle Zatlyn (Co-Founder, COO, and President, Cloudflare) and Eva Wong (Co-Founder & COO, Borrowell)
  • 9:45AM–10:30AM
  • Fireside
  • Navigating Supply Chains in 2022
  • In conversation with Josh Simair (Co-Founder, Pivot Subscriptions) and Stephany Lapierre (CEO, Tealbook). Moderated by Shez Samji (Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank Canada)
  • 10:30AM–10:45AM
  • Break
  • Mid-morning Break
  • Mingle with Member or take the phone calls you need - this time is yours!
  • 10:45AM–11:30AM
  • Fireside
  • Managing for the Metaverse
  • In conversation with Patrick Spence (CEO, Sonos) and David Skok (CEO & Editor-in-Chief, The Logic)
  • 11:30AM–12:00PM
  • Fireside
  • Future of C100
  • With C100's Co-Chair Janet Bannister (Real Ventures) and C100's team
  • 12:00PM–1:00PM
  • Lunch
  • Outdoor Lunch Presented by Financeit
  • Straight from the wood oven
  • 1:00PM-1:45PM
  • Fireside
  • The Impact of the Pandemic on Seniors and Where Compassionate Tech Can Help
  • In conversation with Farron Blanc (VP, Brokerage Distribution & Strategy, Legal & General America) & Dave Wessinger (Co-Founder & CEO, PointClickCare). Moderated by Lucy He (Tech Policy Fellow, the Aspen Institute). The impact of the pandemic on seniors; building compassionate technology for "the Silver Wave". What can two entrepreneurs working in the eldertech space help us understand about the impact of the last two years on seniors? How do they think about attracting young talent to the problem and the huge opportunity ahead?
  • 1:45PM-2:30PM
  • Fireside
  • Climate Conversations: Where Carbon Offsets Work and What Replaces Oil?
  • In conversation with Chris Mowry (CEO, General Fusion) and Karn Manhas (Founder & CEO, Terramara). Moderated by Tanuj Dutta (Principal, Energy Transition Venture and Growth Equity Investing, CPP Investments)
  • 2:30PM–3:00PM
  • Break
  • Mid-afternoon Break
  • Mingle with Member or take the phone calls you need - this time is yours!
  • 3:00PM-3:45PM
  • Fireside
  • Innovating in the business of wine: fireside with Jeff Shaw, founder & CEO of Underground Cellar
  • Host a Summit in Napa without talking about wine? Think again. Think wine is as easy as cake? Think again again! A highly-regulated industry with deeply entrenched incumbents, innovating in the world of wine commerce is notoriously challenging. Jeffrey Shaw is the founder of Underground Cellar, a company that has begun to unlock real disruption and traction in changing how wine is bought and sold in the $70B consumer US wine market through "gamification". Underground Cellar is a high-growth startup backed by Golden Ventures and is based in San Francisco with operations in Napa, CA.
  • 5:00PM-8:00PM
  • Dinner
  • California BBQ in the Vines
  • Taking place in a secret location - buses leave at 4:40!


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