April 1, 2020

Relentlessly Pursuing the Mission in Trying Times

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Today, the C100 team is humbled and proud to announce our latest cohort of 26 early-stage Canadian entrepreneurs to 48Hrs in the Valley, C100’s signature program that aims to support and inspire the next generation of Canadian success stories through mentorship, thought-partnership, and venture guidance. However, given the quickly-worsening global business environment and growing human tragedy surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made the decision to postpone the program’s physical convening in Silicon Valley to October 6–7, 2020 (ordinarily held in May). While the necessary postponement of our Spring events calendar has been difficult on our organization and on the entrepreneurs we serve, it has also given us the opportunity to examine how we can deepen our delivery on our mission “to support, inspire, and connect the most promising Canadian entrepreneurial leaders.”

We could not think of a more urgent time than now to deliver on this mission. While we will not gather in person until October 6–7, 2020, we recognize the needs of the entrepreneurs in our 2020 cohort may only grow more urgent in these uncertain times. C100 is committed to continuing to support Canadian-led technology businesses and their leaders, and while we cannot do so currently in person, we have begun and plan to continue to connect our community through virtual roundtables. Our cohort will also participate in virtual programming beginning in May, introducing them to a network of Canadian entrepreneurs, investors and operators poised to help them navigate these challenging times. Additionally, all cohort members will be connected to a mentor and other founder peers for additional support. Through added initiatives such as these, along with the marquee event in the Fall, we aspire to deliver meaningful outcomes for these founders through their connections to mentors, partners, investors, and talent.

2019 48Hrs in the Valley cohort in Menlo Park, May 2019

We are proud to introduce our 2020 class of founders who will join us virtually (for now), and in person (in October). We look forward to connecting them into the preeminent global community of Canadians in tech. We implore you, our community at large, to join us by supporting these 26 Canadian ambitious entrepreneurs through mentorship, investment, and partnership.

Acorn Biolabs — Toronto

CEO and Founder: Drew Taylor

Acorn offers affordable, non-invasive live cell collection, analysis and cryopreservation unlocking preventative and regenerative healthcare through the simple non-invasive plucking of a few hairs. Acorn enables people to save their young cells today for use in future regenerative medicine to give them the best chance of therapeutic success.

Avalon Holographics — St Johns

President and Co-Founder: Wally Haas

Avalon is a holographic display company making the next generation information display. Their technology revolutionizes the way people consume visual content. Their technology path allows holographic displays to be widely deployed including, movies, television, computer monitors and mobile phones

Beatdapp — Vancouver

CEO and Co-Founder: Andrew Batey

Beatdapp helps music labels find and authenticate up to 15% of missing royalties and help digital service providers (DSPs) fight streaming fraud and save money. Beatdapp has developed a native blockchain and Proof of Authority consensus algorithm to facilitate tracking of plays, metadata, and IP ownership resulting in an improvement of royalty collections.

Booqed — Hong Kong

CEO and Co-Founder: David Wong

BOOQED is a digital platform for tenants and landlords to find or monetize short-term unused business spaces. They address the pain of trying to find the right space to meet or work: cost, flexibility and time. With over 1,800 listings across 9 Asian cities, they can help reduce the time it takes for you to find that right workspace, meeting or event venue from days or hours down to minutes.

Breathe Life — Montreal

CEO and Co-Founder: Ian Jeffrey

Breathe Life is an Enterprise Distribution Platform for the Insurance Industry.

Their API-driven platform is focused on delivering new business, using advanced analytics and AI to unify customer data into a single view and dispatch leads to the right channel with the right insurance product at the right time. Using the Breathe Life platform, carriers can sell more policies through advisors, direct, or anywhere in between.

Casca — Vancouver

CEO and Co-Founder: Braden Parker

Casca is a footwear brand developing revolutionary everyday shoes. With the use of proprietary 3D manufacturing techniques, photogrammetry and a user-centric platform, they are disrupting the footwear supply chain and providing unmatched performance, comfort and quality in daily footwear. They envision a zero-waste apparel and footwear industry that leverages technology to create purposeful products in a better way for humans and the planet.

Cinchy — Toronto

CEO and Co-Founder: Dan DeMers

Cinchy is an enterprise software platform that enables large complex organizations to avoid having to buy, build, and integrate bespoke applications. Their vision is a single secure network of interconnected data.

Clutch — Toronto

CEO: Dan Park

Clutch is an online marketplace for used cars. Clutch doesn’t operate within a large glass showroom or employ commission-based salespeople so it can pass on those savings onto its customers. Their goal is to create an exceptional customer experience. They invite customers to browse their inventory online and book a test drive. All of their cars undergo an in-depth 210-point inspection by certified mechanics.

Conversation Health — Toronto

CEO and Co-Founder: John Reeves

ConversationHEALTH provides a cloud-based conversational AI platform that is uniquely tailored for the Life Science Industry. Their Conversation Management Platform (CMP) powers Commercial, Scientific Affairs, and Clinical Trial solutions that help companies better engage their health professionals, patients and consumers. The product was designed to meet the demands of consumers, patients, and healthcare professionals seeking information through a friction free channel 24/7.

DarwinAI — Waterloo

CEO and Co-Founder: Sheldon Fernandez

DarwinAI helps enterprises build AI they can trust. Their patented ‘AI building AI’ technology allows enterprises to develop faster with AI development automation, deploy with and faster production-ready models, and explain AI’s black box for a variety of applications.

Finaeo — Toronto

CEO and Co-Founder: Aly Dhalla

Finaeo is powering the future of life and health insurance with their all-in-one platform. Their digital marketplace connects carriers, brokers and clients through a fully-integrated experience.

Freshline — Vancouver

CEO and Co-Founder: Robert Kirstiuk

Freshline is increasing accessibility to quality food ingredients to in turn pave new paths for local suppliers and consumers to connect. The company believes everyone deserves great food, anywhere.

G Batteries — Ottawa

CEO and Co-Founder: Kostyantyn Khomutov

GBatteries is an advanced battery technology company on a mission to charge electric vehicles (EVs) as fast as it takes to fill a tank of gas. They have developed an innovative way to charge Li-ion batteries using artificial intelligence. Their protocol uses adaptive pulses as an alternative to CCCV (constant current, constant voltage), enabling ultra-fast charge without compromising the health of the battery.

GoFor Industries — Ottawa

CEO and Co-Founder: Brad Rollo

GoFor is an on-demand logistics marketplace for the construction industry. They work with the largest suppliers and construction companies in North America to ensure building materials are onsite when they are needed, increasing efficiencies and productivity.

Jane — North Vancouver

Co-CEOs and Co-Founders: Alison Taylor & Trevor Johnston

Jane is a modern and beautifully designed practice management software used by practitioners in a variety of allied health disciplines around the world. Jane focusses on a design that considers all aspects of private practice users: the admin staff, the practitioners, the patients booking online and the owners running a business.

Lane — Toronto

CEO and Co-Founder: Clinton Robinson

Lane is creating a universal platform that powers interacting with any workplace anywhere in the world. Their modular technology is custom suited to your office, instantly allowing you to offer services, functionality, and software integrations that drive tenant and employee engagement.

Medchart — Toronto

CEO and Co-Founder: James Bateman

Medchart is an online medical record sharing platform that digitizes and simplifies the request and release of health information for healthcare providers, lawyers, insurance providers, and patients. Their vision is to create the world’s largest health data marketplace.

Ossiaco — Montreal

CEO and Founder: Marc Forget

Ossiaco sits at the nexus of residential solar power, electric vehicle charging, the smart home and customer-centric utilities. Their patented power electronic technology coupled with AI-driven sustainable technologies enable people to leverage solar energy to power their cars, their homes and their lifestyles.

Proof — Whitehorse

CEO and Co-Founder: Ben Sanders

Proof empowers governments to go paperless by streamlining approvals, digitizing forms, and improving data-driven decisions so they can spend each taxpayer dollar perfectly. — Toronto

CEO and Co-Founder: Monika Jaroszonek enables their customers to make data driven decisions about land acquisition and development. They bring together a broad spectrum of real estate data sources and provide 3D analysis tools for Real Estate Industry professionals.

RedCircle — San Francisco

CEO and Co-Founder: Michael Kaden

RedCircle is a marketplace for podcast advertising and monetization. They help podcasters grow their audience and monetize their content as well as planning , launching and measuring podcast advertising campaigns quickly and at scale.

ScholarMe — New York

CEO and Co-Founder: Femi Adebogun

ScholarMe helps college students in the US by automating applications for 1,000+ financial aid sources with a single form.

Shift — Victoria

CEO and Co-Founder: Nadia Tatlow

Shift is a SaaS productivity company that helps customers manage and streamline their work across multiple apps, accounts, and workspaces with deeper focus and higher efficiency.

Smart Access — Edmonton

CEO and Founder: Tim Regnier

Smart Access has developed a web and mobile platform that leverages physical connection points to help large retail workforces learn, understand and execute faster through curated delivery of information where the workforce needs it — on the floor and on the go.

Spocket — Vancouver

CEO and Co-Founder: Saba Mohebpour

Spocket is a marketplace that enables online retailers to source products from thousands of suppliers all over the world without holding inventory, Retailers can download Spocket from Shopify or WooCommerce and instantly have access to hundreds of thousands of products which they can add to their online store and sell, without ever holding the inventory.

Virtuo — Calgary

CEO and Co-Founder: Casey Kachur

Virtuo blends tech and human support to liberate people from all the painful experiences in their homeownership journey. They take care of all the time-consuming tasks, from connecting them to trusted movers and delivering special eco-friendly boxes, to transferring their internet and utilities and organizing cleaners on their behalf.


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