November 30, 2023

48Hrs Reflections

Written by
Marie Cook

Fostering Fellowship and Igniting Growth with Canada's Daring Founders

In September 2023, C100 hosted 48Hrs, its annual early-stage founder tentpole event, in San Francisco. This exclusive gathering brought together our 2023 Fellows – the brightest minds in the Canadian entrepreneurial ecosystem – and a network of seasoned builders, operators, and investors to inspire, support, and drive them. This event aimed to create an environment where Canada's most daring founders could forge deep connections, gain valuable insights, and set the stage for their companies to become enduring, category-defining global successes.

48Hrs was a transformative experience for the Fellows, offering them a unique opportunity to engage with their founder peers and tap into the knowledge and expertise of the exceptional C100 network. 

We asked some of the Fellows to reflect on their entrepreneurial journey and how the Fellows program and 48Hrs have provided ways to overcome their challenges:

One of our 2023 Fellows who attended is Terralynn Forsyth, Co-Founder of FutureFit AI, which uses AI to unlock the world’s pathways between talent and opportunity. She described her experience as "truly transformative" and highlighted the sense of empowerment she gained. She emphasized the importance of intentional connections with fellow founders, recognizing that insights from those slightly ahead on the journey are invaluable. Terralynn also touched on the significance of radical candour and the belief in the highest version of oneself as essential components of successful leadership.

She noted, "Self-belief isn't just believing you can do the thing now. It's about believing in the highest version of yourself today." This insight underscores the personal and reflective aspect of entrepreneurship that often goes overlooked.

48Hrs provided a "high-value, protected space" for founders like Terralynn to connect away from the noise and distractions of the digital world. It allowed attendees to dive deep into discussions and forge genuine relationships with those at the forefront of innovation.

Julia Rivard Dexter, another Fellow and Founder of Shoelace Learning (which delivers personalized reading and comprehension instruction through video games kids love) expressed her gratitude for the fellowship and friendship she found among this group of Canadian founders who share a passion for building exceptional companies. 

This sense of camaraderie is something we take very seriously at C100 and intentionally build an experience to cultivate at the conference. It reminds founders that they are not alone on their entrepreneurial journey.

Chenny Xia, Co-Founder of Gotcare, a health tech company on a mission to transform what types of health services can be provided in the home setting, echoed these sentiments, thanking the C100 community for curating such an incredible group of Canadian founders. She emphasized how this event has made venture-backed entrepreneurship a less lonely road.

"The most underrated quality of a successful startup founder is being determined, never losing sight of your “why,” says Connor Wilson, Founder and CEO of Pilot, the social trip planning tool. “Category-defining businesses aren’t just a set of numbers; they’re a story of people coming together to make a transformational difference in peoples’ lives for the better. 48Hrs reminds founders of this, bringing together a community of people committed to helping them make that impact, helping them to succeed through having been there before. That’s what makes it so special.” 

48Hrs is a vital platform for Canada's daring founders to come together, share their experiences, and form lasting connections. It's where they can reflect on their entrepreneurial path, gain valuable insights, and find the support they need to overcome challenges and build exceptional, global companies. As the testimonials from attendees demonstrate, this event profoundly impacts the Fellows, filling them with inspiration, fellowship, and the belief that they can indeed move mountains on their entrepreneurial journey.

Thank you to the 2023 Fellows for coming and giving everything to make this an impactful experience. Thank you to C100 members and partners for your support of the Fellows!


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