Andrew D'Souza
Co-Founder & CEO, Clearco
Charter Member
Toronto, ON
  • Building Clearbanc, the biggest e-commerce investor in the world and has invested $1B into 2,200+ e-commerce and software companies using data science to identify high-growth funding opportunities in less than 24 hours
  • Launched Clearbanc Valuation, a free service that helps founders understand what their business is worth and track how it’s increasing over time
  • Currently an advisor and investor at Wealthsimple, Properly, and Tulip Retail; Board Member of C100; and previously the President of Nymi and the COO & CRO of Top Hat

Expertise: Scaling tech startups and helping founders win by democratizing fast and affordable access to capital.

Canadian Connection: B.A.Sc. from University of Waterloo

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