March 27, 2024

C100 Launches New Growth Program for Later Stage Companies to Accelerate Canada's Transformation to a Technology Leader

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Marie Cook

Now offering early-stage and growth-stage programs for Canadian-based companies on the path to global impact

San Francisco, CA and Toronto, ON – March 27, 2024 – In an innovative move to help stake Canada's position on the global technology stage, C100 today unveiled their Growth Program, a new core initiative structured to help discover, grow, and propel the nation’s most promising scale-stage technology companies into global market leaders. This new program will provide selected companies and their leadership unprecedented access to the C100 network - which includes Silicon Valley and global members, offering invaluable veteran expertise, experience, and connections.

The C100 Growth Program is tailored to confront the challenges facing rapidly expanding Canadian tech businesses, including the scarcity of later-stage, risk-tolerant capital, a lack of experienced senior talent capable of navigating global markets, and insufficient personalized mentoring for CEOs and executives from seasoned industry veterans.

"The leap from a promising young startup to a revenue-generating, global business is fraught with complex challenges,” says C100 Charter Member and Executive Director Michael Buhr. “Our new Growth Program will provide leadership teams access to the vast, deep, global experience of the C100 membership, offering them unique, critical expertise and resources needed to navigate the significant transformational stages they face. There is no other Canadian program with direct access to the depth and breadth of expertise available in the veteran C100 membership and their networks."

Building on the continuity and learnings of 15 years of Fellows programming (C100’s successful early-stage founder program) and leaning into the veteran scale expertise of an exceptional membership - many based outside of Canada, predominantly in Silicon Valley - the Growth Program signals an expansion of C100's mission to support Canadian-based founders, CEOs and executives at all stages of the entrepreneurial journey.

Like the C100 Fellows Program, the 12-month-long Growth Program offers a comprehensive suite of support mechanisms, including in-person and virtual workshops, customized mentoring for entire leadership teams, role-specific peer groups, and an extensive network of service providers, funders, and experienced entrepreneurs. This holistic approach ensures that participating companies receive the guidance and resources necessary to navigate their growth trajectories successfully.

"Had we been able to tap into this program's immense pool of experience and Silicon Valley connectivity during the foundational years of PointClickCare, I'm convinced we would have accelerated our path to global expansion. This isn't just a support system; it's an indispensable launchpad for growth-oriented founders, CEOs, and executives.” 

With the Growth Program, C100 addresses the immediate needs of Canada's highest potential tech companies. It creates significant opportunities for Canadian technology leadership, igniting an era of unparalleled growth and establishing global dominance in the tech industry. 

Applications for the new Growth Program and the C100 Fellows Program will be open from April through June, with the selection process in July and August, culminating in the Growth Program's official launch in September.

C100 is committed to helping accelerate Canadian tech industry growth with an ambitious goal to support more than 100 technology and tech-enabled companies in achieving revenues over $100 million (CDN) and to propel some to surpass the $1 billion (CDN) mark by 2030.


About C100: 

C100 is an unparalleled global network of founders, operators, and investors dedicated to supporting Canada’s highest potential entrepreneurial tech leaders and companies. Established in 2009, C100's mission is to help Canadian-based tech entrepreneurs build and scale impactful global businesses by connecting them with the expertise, networks, and resources of its Silicon Valley and globally-based veteran membership. 

C100 offers programs for early- and growth-stage founders and leadership with access to a global network of seasoned builders and operators, offering insights on scaling, risk management, and accelerated execution. This unique member approach ensures that Canadian tech entrepreneurs, regardless of stage, have the resources and guidance to grow and thrive globally. To learn more, visit

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