C100 is Accepting Applications for the Program Analyst Co-Op Position this Fall!

Program Analyst Co-op

Co-op Description:

This Internship/Co-op will support C100's entrepreneurs through curated program initiatives, offering business analysis, operations and data analysis during the 8-month term. Additionally, he/she will provide a comprehensive data analysis on up to 25 of C100's annual programs, learning from multiple business departments including operations, marketing, and program departments. The Participant will manage the C100 database and updates therein, interpret data, formulate reports and make recommendations on how to engage with constituents.

A major objective of our program is to introduce the participant to the Silicon Valley technology industry and bridge it back to the Canadian technology industry. We hope that through the projects we have set up for The Participant that he/she will return to Canada with an excellent toolkit of skills to apply to the Canadian workforce as well as deep knowledge of the Silicon Valley world. In addition to constant immersion in the technology, the goals and objectives for this term include extensive program analysis, event logistics management, technical data sorting and analysis, on-site program support, and marketing campaign analysis.

Being that our offices and the majority of our programs are located in Downtown San Francisco, The Participant will be immersed in the culture of the city as well as the rich ecosystem of the broader Silicon Valley region. Additionally, being located in the Bay Area allows for easy exploration of one of the most iconic parts of the United States. Silicon Valley culture will certainly be experienced simply by participating in C100 events throughout the program. Additionally, the C100 staff will take countless opportunities to envelop The Participant into the technology startup ecosystem during his/her stay.

New knowledge, skills, or techniques the Participant should acquire:

The Participant will learn how to conceptualize, plan, and execute C100's programs, including meetups for individuals in his/her field, dinners, conferences, and workshops for Canadian entrepreneurs. He/she will use Salesforce, Java, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter and other analytics tools to measure the success of these programs as well as the content visible on C100's website and other channels.


Sample tasks and responsibilities:

·       Track and collect data on Canadian-founded venture-backed technology/engineering companies

·       Create front-end User Interface (UI) experiences for C100 website using Javascript and front-end development tools

·       Manage C100 database and updates, interpret data, formulate reports and make recommendations on how to engage with constituents

·       Create surveys to learn how to better serve Canadian technology startups

·       Research prospective companies applying to and accepted into C100 programs and supply the C100 with a technology and engineering perspective on those companies’ technical product

·       Prepare a summary of startup participants and company profiles

·       Assist in creating event programming for Canadian technology startups

·       Foster relationships with Canadian technology firms to maintain the C100 community and build potential post-graduation job prospects

·       Analyze business and marketing requirements of tech companies and determine how C100’s IT infrastructure can better support those needs

·       Consolidate, document and analyze company data into actionable insights and metrics

·       Remain fully informed on venture-backed technology market trends and industry trends and create posts on social media platforms to attract other technology and engineering companies to C100 programs

·       Prepare technical summaries and profiles of tech companies and support marketing needs and marketing events by creating additional collateral pieces

·       Learn about the technologies that are shaping the Canadian technology ecosystem



Please apply by sending your resume and cover letter to connect@thec100.org