“The 48Hrs in the Valley event can be a defining moment for your company...This exposure continued the momentum that helped us land our $13M Series A.”- Casper Wong, 48Hrs alum and COO & Co-Founder of Financeit

March 28, 2016 – San Francisco, CA – Twice a year, C100 brings up to 20 promising Canadian companies to Silicon Valley for 48 hours of mentorship, networking opportunities, speaking engagements and investor meetings. “48Hrs in the Valley” has been a signature C100 program with over 200 alumni companies since 2010. These startups have collectively raised over $3.3 Billion USD in funding to date.

This year’s theme, “Capital Matters: Human. Financial. Social.”, is centered around the premise that founders from outside the Valley often find a steep learning curve in relation to the different types of capital required to scale at each stage of their company’s growth. The human capital track will focus on the importance of acquiring and retaining quality talent, the differences between doing so in Canada and in the Valley, and the challenges founders face in the process. The second track, financial capital, will highlight the specific ways that founders can expect to engage with investors when raising capital, Silicon Valley’s high standards, how they compare to different markets, and how to approach US VCs. Lastly, the Valley trades on “social capital”. Founders will learn what the term means, how to leverage it, introduction etiquette, and the advantages of building a robust network in the Valley.

“The 48Hrs in the Valley program has allowed C100 to connect high potential Canadian founders to the ecosystem in the Valley, introducing them to potential investors, and showing them the best practices that create world-class companies,” said Terry Doyle, Co-Chair of C100. “Through an open nomination process, in partnership with our sponsors and new C100 Ambassadors, we believe the program selection criteria will allow us to identify and help the next wave of successful Canadian entrepreneurs.”

To qualify for 48Hrs in the Valley, companies must pass what C100 refers to as the “Silicon Valley Bar”: they should have at least $1M in Seed funding or annual revenue to date, exhibit significant growth potential (~10% monthly growth in revenue or users), and have demonstrated market traction. Additionally, the C100 48Hrs Selection Committee looks for an exceptional founding team with at least one Canadian co-founder that can clearly benefit from getting better connected to Silicon Valley. Finally, all applicants must be nominated by a C100 Partner, Ambassador, Charter Member or 48Hrs Alumni. Nominations are now open and will be closing on April 15th. On May 9th, C100 will announce the selected companies who will visit San Francisco on June 22nd and 23rd, 2016.

About C100: C100 is a non-profit, member driven organization built by successful Canadian investors, entrepreneurs and executives who live in or are connected to Silicon Valley. These individuals offer Canadian founders access to the venture capital, mentorship and knowledge necessary for growth at a global scale. Headquartered within Canada House in downtown San Francisco, C100 is a home away from home for hundreds of Charter Members and alumni from various programs including 48Hrs in the Valley, CEO Summit and more.


Media Contact:

Andee Gardiner

Marketing Manager, C100