From 48 Hours in the Valley to Offices in NYC

With this year's first 48 Hours in the Valley upon us, all of us at C100 were so excited to get this update from 48 Hours alum A member of our 2013 cohort, is an online marketplace that connects companies with voice-over talent based out of London, Ontario. Just two years after participating in C100's flagship mentoring program, the company has opened an office in Manhattan. What a success story!


Chief marketing officer Stephanie Ciccarelli shares's journey to the Big Apple including its time at 48 Hours, the TechWomen Canada program brought to you by theCanadian Consulate of San Francisco/Silicon Valley and the number of tech development programs they participated in along the way.

The C100, a group of prominent Canadian expats residing in Silicon Valley, was an enormous support to us in helping to make connections and eventually, literally putting us on a map (you've got to see this thing!)

We wish Stephanie and her team at Voices much continued success! We remind them, as well as all other 48 Hours alum to please stay in touch with the C100 and let us know how we can continue to help your business succeed.

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