48 Hours in the Valley Companies Selected for December Cohort

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During my time as Executive Director of the C100, I have realized that one of the only things better than doing what you love is having the ability to help others to do the same. Twice a year, the C100 hand-selects a small group of the most impressive Canadian startups for a program that builds a bridge between their home and, arguably, the most innovative technologically driven ecosystem on earth – Silicon Valley. 

Silicon Valley has historically been known as the best place to build companies, disrupt technologies and scale rapidly. The C100 provides the selected Canadian startups exclusive access to its rich network of extremely successful Canadian Ex-pats who will ensure that the startups receive all of the necessary tools they need to build a world-class organization.

The 48 Hours in the Valley program is about more than introductions, networking, mentorship and investor meetings. While these are valuable and instrumental to offering the insights and resources exclusive to Silicon Valley, this program is designed to allow the C100 to introduce the world to what makes Canadian entrepreneurs so unique. At a time when Canada is making a greater impact than ever before with massive billion-dollar valuations, IPOs, and game-changing companies, 48 Hours in the Valley allows us to help build the world's next wave of Canada’s elite startups.

“The startup community is an ecosystem and the C100 gives you access to an amazing group of minds. The 48hrs in the Valley event can be a defining moment for your company – it certainly changed things for us.”Casper Wong, COO, Financit

After over five years and 200 successful alumni companies, it is with great pride that I introduce 17 more of the most innovative and exciting Canadian startups to join us in December and become a part of this member-driven community.

Congratulations to BONE Structure, CareGuide, Community Sift, CrowdRiff, Flatbook, Foko, Graphite Software, LoginRadius, MappedIn, PostBeyond, Roadmunk, Sensibill, Sharethebus, Statflo, StorybirdThinkData Works and Vantage.

Welcome to the C100!  We can’t wait to be a part of your journey and help in any way we can to connect you with the people and resources who will make your dreams a reality. Our goal is to support the next generation of successful Canadian entrepreneurs and to help you as you build your startup into a global company. In order to do so, we rely on the input, support and generosity of the people who have already realized the potential of this profoundly rich ecosystem. 

The Silicon Valley bar is quite high, as is the caliber of the startups selected to be a part of this curated program. The C100 wouldn’t exist today if it weren’t for the people who make all of this possible. If you’re a current Charter Member, we remain dependent upon your dedication to further the Canadian entrepreneurial ecosystem. If you’re a partner of the C100, you allow us to make these founder’s dreams a reality. If you’re an entrepreneur, well, without you we wouldn’t have a reason to be here at all. 

48 Hours in the Valley will be held December 8th & 9th in San Francisco at New Relic, and at Cooley LLP in Palo Alto. 

See the full list with company descriptions at http://www.thec100.org/48hours-december-15

C100 Association is generously supported by many partners including our Premier Partners: RBC, KPMG Canada, BDC Capital, Rogers Communications and D+H.