C100 Membership Types

Charter Membership

Charter Members represent a select group of Canadians based primarily in Silicon Valley, including executives of leading technology companies, experienced startup entrepreneurs and venture capital investors. They are passionate about leveraging their collective experience, expertise and relationships to help mentor and grow a new generation of successful Canadian technology companies.

Charter Membership is by recommendation only. There are approximately 100 Charter Members at any given time. Before becoming a Charter Member, individuals must first become active within the Canadian Expert Network (CEN).

Canadian Expert Network

The Canadian Expert Network is a broader network of Canadians with skills or knowledge to volunteer in support of our mission. We are in the process of building this network with the aim of matching Canadian entrepreneurs with experts on specific topics.

If you have skills and expertise that you would like to offer, we invite you to apply to be a part of our beta Canadian Expert Network. 

Prospective Charter Members must first be a part of the Canadian Expert Network. In order to be considered, please apply using the link below: