C100 Membership

C100 members form the preeminent, global community of Canadian entrepreneurs, investors, and exceptional leaders at technology companies who are focused on supporting the growth of other Canadian entrepreneurial leaders.

Members benefit from learning from fellow members, and enjoy unique opportunities for personal and professional development. C100 is committed to supporting its members through a rich program of high-value events and building meaningful connections with our global network of exceptional Canadians in tech.


Benefits of Membership

1. Access to Opportunity

Be close to career opportunities and investment or board positions that arise within the network.

2. Expand professional network

Connect with an engaged group of impact-driven fellow professionals.

3. Attend high-value Member Events

Check out the program schedule here, including a complimentary ticket to Growth Summit.

4. Give back to Canada and its tech community

Lend expertise, mentor, advise and invest.

5. Access to Exclusive Content

Whether it’s an expert-led webinar or panel discussion, members get first access to the best content C100 creates.

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Membership Requirements

To be considered for membership all applicants, must:

1. Agree to uphold C100’s Membership Principles.

2. Have demonstrated excellence and ambition in their careers in technology, irrespective of tenure - they are “doers” at heart!

3. Have an interest in supporting Canadian entrepreneurs

4. Be sponsored by two active members, including one Charter Member. To meet C100 members in person, attend one of our networking events to better understand the membership.

5. Complete Membership Application (though button below)

Where are C100 Members today?

Where are C100 Members today?