Kirstine Stewart
CRO, Pex
Charter Member
Los Angeles, CA
  • Formerly VP Media North America at Twitter, and Founding Head of Canada at Twitter Canada, and the Head of the CBC
  • Author of best-selling business leadership book Our Turn, with accolades such as the Macleans Magazine Power List of Canadians and Playback’s Person of the Year
  • Has held positions as a Founding Member of Chief, CAMH Foundational Board, DMZ Advisory Council, Board Member of theScore and of the CILAR (Coalition of Innovation Leaders Against Racism)

Expertise: Leading media and entertainment businesses worldwide (including content creators, rights owners, platforms, publishers, sports, advertising, film production, etc.) and find consensus and solutions industry-wide for some of the bigger business challenges today.

Canadian Connection: from Toronto, B.A. from University of Toronto

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