C100 Membership Types

Charter Membership

Charter Members represent a select group of Canadians based primarily in Silicon Valley, including executives of leading technology companies, experienced startup entrepreneurs and venture capital investors. They are passionate about leveraging their collective experience, expertise and relationships to help mentor and grow a new generation of successful Canadian technology companies.

Charter Membership is by recommendation only. There are approximately 100 Charter Members at any given time. Before becoming a Charter Member, individuals must first become active within the Canadian Expert Network (CEN).

Individual membership

C100 members are what make this community so special. They are a group of technologists who are eager to grow their skills while supporting others in their entrepreneurial endeavors. We’re always looking to welcome interested individuals and are excited to for you to contribute to our mission: to become the pre-eminent global community for Canadians in Technology.

Benefits of Membership:

  1. Expand your professional network

    • By connecting with an engaged group of fellow professionals looking to make an impact

  2. Access to opportunity

    • As a member you will have first access to new opportunities that arise within the community (job, board, mentoring, speaking, etc)

  3. Member Events

    • Invitation to join fellow members for 6 members-only events per year

  4. Exclusive Content

    • C100 will curate materials for members to support member growth and activation. Whether it’s a community-led webinar or a panel on recruiting, members get first access to the best content that C100 creates.


  1. Demonstrated excellence in career in technology

  2. Interest in giving back to the community

  3. Canadian or future Canadian - love Canada - interested in supporting Canadian entrepreneurs

  4. Sponsored- each new member MUST be sponsored by TWO other active members. For a full list of members, take a look at our members page here. To meet C100 members in person, it is highly suggested that anyone seeking membership attend some of our networking events to better understand the membership and to meet more community members. Please check out our upcoming events here!

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