San Francisco is best known for its breathtaking views, temperate climate, intelligent inhabitants and ... you guessed it ... Startups! 

Referred to by some as the epicenter of innovation in technology, Silicon Valley is home to some of the most promising individuals dedicated to leaving their mark on the future and making an impact on society as a whole. It has often been said that other metropolitan areas are driven by industries (finance in New York, entertainment in L.A., automotive in Detroit, etc.), and while Silicon Valley has certainly been dedicated to technology for decades, it's obvious here that the real driving factor lies in one's desire to change the world. 

There are endless opportunities for you to explore and grow in Silicon Valley and we've put together a list of resources to help you get accustomed to some of the unique qualities of this magnificent part of the world. We love it here and look forward to welcoming you to the Valley! 

First time in the valley


Here are a few hacks and tricks you might want to keep in mind when first visiting: 


Industry Events

Check the C100 Calendar, Lanyrd and Startup Digest to plan for events. If you are not into big crowds, you can also check out Meetups in Silicon Valley for local gatherings of people sharing similar interests: from coding to design and entrepreneurship.


Build Your Network

Watch "Building a Network in the Valley from Canada | Mike McCauley, Product Manager @ Google and Debbie Landa, Founder @ Dealmaker Media" from 48 Hours.Download the app Weave - It is an amazing way to meet with people for a quick coffee and share your passion and your ideas.


Public Transportation

A very easy, convenient, and affordable way to travel around the city is by using the Muni and the Bart. You can buy a Clipper Card in any Walgreens or Muni station alongside Market Street and add value to your card online.  For $80/month you can travel in and around San Francisco anytime between ~5AM to ~1AM. If you want to know more about the other public transportation systems available to you, check out this Overview of San Francisco's Public Transportation.



When you are in a hurry and you need to quickly get around the city, hop on an Uber, Lyft or SideCar for a ride within minutes. It is a good idea to compare Uber and Lyft price estimates before requesting a ride as the prices can significantly vary due to surge pricing.   Don’t forget to request a pool ride!



Finding an apartment in San Francisco can be time consuming. Before committing to a place, you might want to find a temporary solution. Depending on your budget, you could CouchSurf or stay at an AirBnB.  The Start-up House is also one of our favorites. With a friendly atmosphere similar  to your favorite European youth hostel, the Start-up House is perfect to stay  downtown at an affordable rate and meet scores of entrepreneurs just like you! Bringing your 4 legged buddy with you? Check out this 21 tips for moving with pets.


Eating in or out

San Francisco is known for its delicious food. This being said, we don’t always want to step out of the house to eat. Not to worry, SpoonRocket, Sprig, DoorDash (and more) are all here to deliver delicious food to your door within minutes. Our personal favorite? Doughbies delivers fresh cookies at the curb.