Your Introduction to Silicon Valley

Valley 101 is a great starting point for Canadian entrepreneurs hoping to conduct business in Silicon Valley. We initiate conversations surrounding important topics such as the following:

  • Visas and legal requirements
  • How to build a strong professional network in SV
  • Accelerators, incubators and programs available 
  • Funding trends and tips
  • Peer to peer evaluation from similar, early-stage startups
  • Guidance and feedback from successful founders

Valley 101 is also an introduction to the C100 network. Attendees will meet the executive team of the C100 as well as charter members, mentors and investors. This is one of the most beneficial programs for getting involved with the C100.


Attendees are required to complete the registration form in full and meet all the following criteria:

  1. Canadian founder or employee of a seed-stage company.
  2. A company headquartered either in Canada or U.S.
  3. Can clearly benefit from attending Valley 101.

[Valley 101] was one of the most informative sessions we had during our 2 ½ week trip down to the Valley! ... Since we had just recently crossed the border, and were wondering how to handle further crossings in the future, [James Mayock’s presentation on VISA status] really helped clarify our Visa options ... and [Comcast Venture’s Laurence Toney’s talk on venture funding] really helped to provide information on what VCs in the valley are looking for
— Chad Brown, CEO, Co-Founder of Orangedox

Frequently Asked Questions


how often does valley 101 take place?

Valley 101 is a bi-monthly event, held in the evenings. Take a look at our calendar to see the dates and locations for each event.


How much does it cost?

Tickets to Valley 101 are $20 and require the completion of a questionnaire upon registering to further understand who you are. C100 does not cover any travel or accommodations for your trip to the Valley.


Who attends these events?

Valley 101 is ideal for Canadian founders or employees of a seed-stage company headquartered either in Canada or U.S. We also invite charter members, mentors and entrepreneurs from our network who are interested in meeting startups in these funding stages.

Read the FAQ and still have a question? Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter.