OCTOBER 17TH & 18TH, 2017

San Francisco, CA

• This is an INVITATION ONLY event •


We asked CEOs and leaders of Canadian growth-stage startup companies, “What is the biggest challenge you face in growing your company?” The answer: Talent

The 2017 Growth Summit will address the most pressing issues related to talent and culture faced by growth-stage companies today. Collectively, CEOs and talent executives will challenge one another to think differently and address these issues while learning and sharing best practices with one another. For the first time, C100 has created an event centered around intimate breakout sessions facilitated by peer leaders, placing an emphasis on purposeful peer-to-peer learning.

Previously called "CEO Summit", Growth Summit is a private event for CEOs of Canadian growth-stage technology companies plus one core member of their leadership team. Invited companies are required to be headquartered in Canada, have a minimum of $10M in annual revenue, and maintain high-speed growth trend.

2017 Growth Summit At a Glance


Talent. The majority of CEOs identified that talent was the major concern and the source of many challenges their companies face today. Topics will include best practices for recruiting, compensation, training tactics, ensuring retention, creating culture, encouraging diversity, leadership, and more. 



Interactive “Unconference”-style event

Every attendee has a role

80% breakouts, 20% on-stage talks

The day will be broken into three sections - Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement, and Culture & Diversity

Peer leaders and experts will be “co-leading” breakout sessions



An intimate event with the majority of attendees being CEOs and talent experts. 

Each CEO will be encouraged to bring one member of their talent leadership team to participate in relevant discussions



Topics to include:

  • Building and Maintaining Company Culture at the Growth Stage (and at Scale)
  • Building High-performance Leadership Teams
  • Why do People Stay? Tips for Employee Retention
  • Talent Acquisition: Making a Deal with the Candidate
  • Building Top Sales Teams
  • The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship: CEO Session - "the qualities and skills of effective leaders, an "inside-out " approach"
  • Culture: "The link between well-being, purpose-driven work, organizational social responsibility, engagement, and business results"

2017 Speakers

Opening Keynote


Steve Cadigan

Former VP of Talent at LinkedIn shares how to build a winning talent strategy 




Closing keynote (TBA)



October 17 @ 6-9pm - Evening Welcome Reception @ Hotel Vitale, 8 Mission St, San Francisco, CA (we have a a discounted rate for accommodation there with a code CORP)


October 18 - Full-Day Programming @ Golden Gate Club, 135 Fisher Loop, San Francisco, CA

7:00am-8:45am: Optional guided run / yoga on the lawn

8:45am-9:45am: Breakfast

9:45am-10:30am: Opening Keynote from Steve Cadigan, former head of talent for LinkedIn

10:45am-11:30am: Small group sessions on Talent acquisition 1: sourcing and vetting candidates (creating an employer brand, leadership assessments, working with new immigration framework in Canada, etc.)

11:40am-12:25pm: Small group session on Talent acquisition 2: closing a deal with a candidate (compensation structure Valley vs. Canada, how to compete with big corporates for top talent, etc.)

12:15pm-1:30pm: Lunch

1:30pm-2:15pm: Small group sessions on Employee engagement 1: talent development, building sales teams, building marketing teams, CEO-only leadership session

2:25pm-3:10pm: Small group sessions on Employee engagement 2: building high-performance leadership teams, what makes employees stay

3:40pm-4:25pm: Small group sessions on Culture: building and maintaining a company culture

4:35pm-5:20pm: Small group sessions on Diversity: diversity & inclusion

5:30pm-6:15pm: Closing Keynote (unannounced)


Closing Reception

** Agenda subject to change and updated on an ongoing basis


What Attendees Are Saying

The program was very thought provoking - I wonder how many CEOs went away going to do something different than they were going to do before the event. I heard a little on that vein...
— Karen Hayward, Managing Partner & CMO, Chief Outsiders
Content was excellent! We had both strategic and tactical sessions and everyone mentioned that they walked away with a lot. I love the “behind closed doors” feel of some of these talks where we get to hear some inside-story material.
— Aydin Mirzaee, Serial Entrepreneur & C100 Ambassador
Sessions/panel were super good and very helpful [and the] networking was equally good, met lots of other CEOs and others that was really useful.
— Dan Cordingly, CEO & Founder, Teradici

Past Attendees Include...

2016 Speakers

Chamath Palihapitiya Founder & CEO, Social Capital LP

Chamath Palihapitiya

Founder & CEO, Social Capital LP

Angela Strange Partner, a16z

Angela Strange

Partner, a16z

Stephen Lake Founder & CEO, Thalmic Labs

Stephen Lake

Founder & CEO, Thalmic Labs

Steven Sinofsky Board Partner, a16z

Steven Sinofsky

Board Partner, a16z

Brynn Harrington Director People Growth, Facebook

Brynn Harrington

Director People Growth, Facebook

Harley Finkelstein COO, Shopify

Harley Finkelstein

COO, Shopify

Anna Binder People Operations, Asana

Anna Binder

People Operations, Asana

Daniel Saks President & Co-CEO, AppDirect

Daniel Saks

President & Co-CEO, AppDirect


Recommended Accomodation

Hotel Vitale

(8 Mission St, San Francisco)

Use code "CORP" for a 10% discount for your stay at Hotel Vitale.