Where Canada's top emerging and established companies connect with Silicon Valley influencers

Each year the C100 invites CEOs of Canada’s top growth-stage companies to Silicon Valley for peer-to-peer networking and the opportunity to meet influencers making significant strides in the tech community. This is an opportunity for corporate Canadian executives to remain on the cutting edge of technologies in their respective fields.

“We raised our first round on a story, the next rounds were raised on results”
— Michelle Zatlyn, Co-founder, Cloudflare


The Next CEO Summit will take place on:

October 18 & 19, 2016

This event is invite only. If your company would like to be considered for future CEO Summits, please contact us.


Selection Criteria

  • Minimum of 10M in annual revenue and 30-40% year over year growth.
  • Demonstrated traction metrics (ex. growth projections, user acquisition)

Confirmed Speakers

Frequently Asked Questions


who is invited to this event?

We invite our charter members, corporate sponsors and individuals in our network who meet the criteria for this event.


I meet the criteria, but am not involved with the c100. Can i still attend?

We invite you to join our community and encourage you to contact us.


where does the event take place?

CEO Summit takes place annually in Silicon Valley. The venue for the event is included in the invitation.

Read the FAQ and still have a question? Feel free to contact us.