C100 Supporting Canadian Entrepreneurs


We are very happy to announce our newest initiative where we are connecting the Canadian technology community in London.

The C100UK is its own section of the C100 based in London aiming to be a gateway to european markets. We focus on mentorship, partnership and investment, assisting in the growth of a new generation of successful Canadian-led technology companies. We love Canadian entrepreneurs in London!

We are currently looking for successful Canadian entrepreneurs, investors and executives living in London to join our organization. If you are interested in becoming a C100UK Charter Member, please fill out this form.

C100UK Organizing Committee

  • Sacha Mann Inventages Venture Capital
  • Paul Heydon Partner, London Venture Partners
  • Barbara Cartmel CEO, Castelnau Partners
  • Shelley Kuipers Founder & CEO, Chaordix
  • Allen Manser Growth Investor, Zouk Capital
  • Stephen Piron founder, Bright*Sun
  • Robin Carswell Director, Rebel Yell
  • Lisa Long Cofounder & Director Six to Start

Connect with the C100UK 

Check out the C100UK within the C100 linkedin group. For other C100UK inquiries please visit our C100UK contact page.