June 20-21, 2017


Twice a year, C100 brings up to 20 promising Canadian companies to Silicon Valley for 48Hrs of mentorship, networking opportunities, investor meetings, and unparalleled access to C100's extensive network in Silicon Valley. “48Hrs in the Valley” has been a signature C100 program with over 200 alumni companies since 2010. These startups have collectively raised over $3.3 billion in funding to date.

48Hrs in the Valley has two cohorts every year - one in the Summer and one in Winter. These cohorts are comprised of startups who have demonstrated successful POCs, have exceptional growth prospects and meet the 48Hrs selection criteria. Each startup goes through a rigorous application process where founders and investors select Canadian startups that match the current trends and demands of Silicon Valley. During their stay, the selected startups are mentored by successful entrepreneurs, taught by some of the most influential minds in the ecosystem, and introduced to top American VC's and investors.

The theme for 2016, “Capital Matters: Human. Social. Financial.”, is centered around the premise that founders from outside the Valley often find a steep learning curve in relation to the different types of capital required to scale at each stage of their company’s growth. The human capital track will focus on the importance of acquiring and retaining quality talent, the differences between doing so in Canada and in the Valley, and the challenges founders face in the process. The second track, financial capital, will highlight the specific ways that founders can expect to engage with investors when raising, Silicon Valley’s high standards, how they compare to different markets, and how to approach US VCs. Lastly, the Valley trades on “social capital”. Founders will learn what the term means, how to leverage it, introduction etiquette, and the advantages of building a robust network in the Valley.

Over 200 Alumni in 5 years

$3.3 Billion in funding to date

Thank you to all of the founders, Charter Members, partners, investors and mentors that made 48Hrs in the Valley December 2016 such an epic success! We couldn't have done this without all of your incredible support!

The program includes:

  • One-on-one meetings with angel investors, venture capitalists and venture firms, pre-screened to match your industry and specific business objectives

  • Custom workshops and presentations delivered by successful entrepreneurs, founders and executives
  • High-level mentorship and venture guidance from mentors with specific knowledge about your company's pain-points and external market threats and opportunities 
  • Introductions to a deep alumni network of Canada's top founders and startups
  • Networking events with C100 charter members, 48Hrs alumni, and Silicon Valley-based executives 
  • Media coverage and promotional opportunities as a C100 48Hrs Company


Application Process

To qualify for 48Hrs, companies must pass what we call the Silicon Valley Bar. This means that your company meets the following criteria:

  • Canadian company run by Canadians
  • At least US$1M annual revenue, US$1M funding to date or 100,000 users
  • Growing revenue or users >10% monthly
  • Can clearly benefit from getting better connected to Silicon Valley

In addition, all applicants must be nominated by a C100 Partner, Ambassador Charter Member or 48Hrs Alumni

A few of our past investors:

“The startup community is an ecosystem and the C100 gives you access to an amazing group of minds. The 48hrs in the Valley event can be a defining moment for your company - it certainly changed things for us.”
— Casper Wong, COO & Co-Founder of FinanceIt
“Attending the C100 48Hrs in the Valley event was tremendously valuable in many ways including helping us build great connections with people at Facebook. These contacts continue to help us years after we first met. Priceless.”
— Daryl Hatton, CEO of FundRazr
“The C100 challenges you to think big and our dealings with the organization have certainly helped us grow. Through mentoring, their special events and the networking opportunities, it has position our company for sustainable growth and year-after-year revenue increases.”
— Jim Barr, CEO of Seekers Media
“Getting noticed early on can often be a challenge for startups. The C100’s 48Hrs in the Valley provided a great launchpad for Kudos to introduce itself to both the Canadian Startup community as well as Silicon Valley’s.”
— Muni Boga, CEO of Kudos
“Attending 48Hrs in the Valley in 2014 was the single most valuable event I attended last year. The advice from mentors, keynotes and networking definitely helped shape our strategic thinking and has paid off in many ways. I would encourage any growing Canadian startup tech company to get involved with the C100 organization.”
— Chris Wiegand, CEO of Jibestream

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I apply to 48Hrs?

Applications become available upon acceptance of a nomination by one of the C100's Partners, Charter Members or former 48Hrs alumni. 



While we review all qualified applications from all Canadian startups, however we are ultimately interested in which companies can receive the most benefit from their time in the Valley. This means that companies who are either in high-growth sectors, are looking for to expand internationally or are seeking funding can gain the most from 48Hrs.


When will i know if my company is chosen?

All companies who are chosen by the selection committee will be informed immediately and it will be requested that they respond within 24 hours in preparation for the final announcement of the cohort.


What if i don't know a c100 charter member, c100 partner or 48Hrs Alumni?

We encourage you to reach out to some! They would not only be instrumental to your application process, but would also likely be a good contact to have. A directory of some of our members can be found here.


how much does it cost?

The C100 will cover all program expenses - including meals during the program. Travel and accommodations are not included. Refer to our Resources page for typical cost breakdowns of visiting the Valley.



The Program consists of two full days, including programming and networking receptions. The cohort is encouraged to come early or stay after the event, scheduling meetings in the Valley accordingly.


Will there be time to schedule our own meetings?

Selected companies must attend all scheduled activities throughout the program, but we encourage companies to schedule their own meetings before or after the program days.


Read the FAQ and still have a question? Feel free to reach out to us on Twitter.