For Visiting Founders 

In partnership with MaRS Discovery District, Communitech, University of Waterloo's Velocity, and RBC, C100 created a home for Canadian entrepreneurs visiting Silicon Valley. Canada House opened their doors on January 27, 2016, offering co-working space for early-stage startups that are currently working with C100 partners and Charter Members. The purpose of the space is to help Canadian startups gain access to C100 and other resources in Silicon Valley where they have a high probability of raising capital and meeting potential customers.

The Canada House facility


  • Canada House facilities are available to startups that are actively working with MaRS, Communitech, Velocity, RBC or a C100 48Hrs in the Valley Alumnus
  • Canadian ventures must be in the growth stage: currently raising Series A funding and/or exporting their product
  • Canada House access is for visiting founders and not for people to connect with C100 regarding partnerships 


  • Each visitor much complete the Canada House Visitor Request Form
  • Bookings are limited to five business days
  • Visitors are limited to two people per company, both of whom need to complete this form
  • Bookings require a minimum 24 hours notice
  • Desks are reserved on a first-come first-served basis


  • Located at WeWork’s Mid-Market location at 995 Market Street in San Francisco
  • Features secure office space with hot desks that can be reserved
  • Access to bookable meeting rooms
  • Offers an on-site Canada House coordinator for support
  • Includes access to WeWork’s amenities (lounge, kitchen, etc.)

Canada House in the News 

Startups OF Canada House  


Yang Yu, CEO of KitchenMate - Toronto, ON

“When I first started the company it was just me. I was the solo founder. I started because my mom got really sick, and she needed someone to help her cook. I had to pick up electronic and mechanical engineering, and learn everything myself because I wanted to build a machine that could help her. So I did that, I went to Startup Weekend, tried to get myself up to speed. I built the first prototype and it didn’t really work, but it showed me that it is possible. And from there, I met my Co-Founders.” 

What does being a Canadian Founder mean to you?

“I think Entrepreneurship is something that’s within, and something that comes from a place that everyone of us has, it’s not something that is down to a specific region, in Canada, or San Francisco.

So being a Canadian, I was also an immigrant from China and I moved when I was 10. I realized that it's not about money, it's not about finding something to scale, it’s really about how we help enable technology to benefit society as a whole. It’s a sense of being able to help not only the privileged few, but using technology to democratize industries to really add value to everyday people's lives.”


Prianka Dhir, Founder Of Socialettes - Vancouver, BC

Do you have any advice for other female entrepreneurs?

“I really think connecting to other female entrepreneurs, in terms of mentors, just to really see someone that is 3-5 years ahead of you doing what you want to do. It can really accelerate your growth.

Also not being intimated. By seeing other women who are doing exactly what I want to do, it made me less intimidated to be in such a male dominated space. At the end of the day - Knowledge is power. Whenever I come into a situation where I’m intimidated, I’ll make sure that I’ve read a lot and                                                                                                                 that I'm prepared on all the areas that I’m talking about. 

Once you start showing people that you’re actually knowledgeable about your                                                                                                                
subject area, then they will automatically give you credibility.

So I would encourage other female entrepreneurs to be well read." 


Adarsh Pallian, CEO of Trippeo - Vancouver, BC

What is the most important thing about creating a team?

“Diversity. People from different backgrounds. Not just hiring people that you are familiar with because everyone brings something new to the table at an unexpected grace. I’ve noticed that every time I hire someone new, there is something to them that brings fresh energy, fresh ideas, outside of what people typically expect.” 


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