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Canadian Technology Success

Posted by: C100 | Tuesday, May 28, 2013 at 04:21PM
Canadian tech companies are making the news left and right! So, we decided to illustrate - to Canadians and the rest of the world - how much Canadian tech success there has been lately. 

Displayed on the poster below, you will see hundreds of Canadian tech companies that have raised over $1M in venture financing, were acquired, or went public. We also show you the amount of venture capital that has been raised by Charter Members and C100 companies over the last three years that the C100 has existed: $560.62M!

Thank you to all of the Canadian companies and entrepreneurs for kicking some serious ass lately. It makes us want to shout: WE LOVE CANADIAN ENTREPRENEURS!

You can view a larger version here

*Can't find your company on the poster? Tell us why you should be in next year's version here.*