June 2016 Alums

Toronto, ON

BioConnect is on a Quest – for Rightful Identity. Why?  To fundamentally change how we access applications, processes, equipment, cars, or anything else that requires you to prove who you are. BioConnect will empower people to authenticate using credentials that are completely unique to them, such as their face, eyes, heartbeat, fingerprint or biometric characteristic.

Over the past 7 years as a company, BioConnect has taken a platform approach to identity – Its core identity platform enables an enterprise to consume biometrics as an authentication strategy, regardless of the device or system. BioConnect’s disruptive technology also recognizes that not all biometric characteristics of a person are created equal and is focused on enabling the easy adoption of current and future biometric technologies, delivering greater security, assurance and convenience to our everyday lives.

Kitchener, ON

Cloud Diagnostics (Cloud DX Inc.) is a technology leader in the rapidly growing digital healthcare space. We develop cloud-based medical apps and devices, including our proprietary Pulsewave® wrist cuff device, that allow consumers to monitor their health at home and connect to their caregivers. We are best known as "Canada's Team" and top-7 finalists in the $10 million Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, a 4-year global innovation competition to create a working medical "Tricorder" made famous by Dr Bones McCoy on Star Trek. Our Tricorder entry, Vitaliti, is capable of autonomously diagnosing 19 separate conditions with clinical accuracy. 

Vancouver, BC

Analytics, customer intel, alerts and management tools for payments. Control enables eCommerce and SaaS businesses to visualize payment data, identify customer transaction activity, receive real-time alerts, and take payments. With over 40,000 businesses connected world-wide, Control helps them to understand transactions, manage customers, reduce fraud, and grow revenue.

Montreal, Qc

Datacratic is an enterprise software company that is making machine learning and artificial-intelligence technology accessible to businesses and organizations of all sizes. At the core of Datacratic’s technology is the Machine Learning Database (MLDB), which is integrated into some of the world’s leading software platforms and solutions. MLDB makes companies and products Machine Intelligent by delivering real-time predictions and decisions. Founded in 2010, Datacratic is headquartered in Montreal with offices in New York City and is privately held with backing from Real Ventures and BDC Venture Capital. 

Calgary, AB

EZ-Robot provides the world's easiest, most powerful and creative robotics platform that enables everyone to learn how to build a robot with real-world capabilities.  With unified software and hardware, supported by a website filled with lessons, activities, and a dynamic community forum, EZ-Robot provides the comprehensive tools necessary for users to not only become fully robotics literate but influential thinkers and creators.


Toronto, ON

Flybits is a Context as a Service platform. Our cloud offering provides everything needed to transform mobile experiences from generic and static to personalized and dynamic. Flybits lets enterprises harness and use all available data sources as context, including internal APIs, plug-ins to popular Internet services, and sensory inputs from mobile and wearable devices. Our intuitive visual interface makes it easy to combine context with your own content, and trigger unique experiences that are relevant and valuable to your customers. Flybits requires no new investment in IT infrastructure, enhances scalability, brings unprecedented agility, and increases customer engagement.

Victoria, BC

"Some Trips Deserve More Than Selfies"

Have you ever been on a special vacation and returned home disappointed with the photos you captured, or worse, missing from all of them? Flytographer connects you with over 350 local photographers around the world. We carefully select each photographer, so it's more like strolling with a fun, local friend who shares their favourite insider tips, all while discreetly capturing flattering, candid photos of everyone together. 

Get stunning vacation photos in amazing places. The best souvenir you can bring home.



Okanagan Falls, BC 

Karoleena is a world leader in designing and building custom prefab homes.

Our modern manufacturing approach makes traditional home construction look prehistoric. Karoleena uses factory precision and speed to create home modules which are then transported and assembled onsite in just days.

The result is homes that are superior in design, quality, speed and craftsmanship.

 Toronto, ON 

We founded Matter and Form because we needed high-res 3D models, but we couldn't afford a 3D scanner. So we built one. The Matter and Form 3D Scanner launched worldwide in Fall 2014 and is now a best-seller. Our latest product, Bevel, makes 3D even easier by turning any smartphone or tablet into a 3D genius. Bevel lets you do everything you already do with ordinary photos, such as capture memories or post on social networks like Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram. 

Toronto, ON 

Nudge is a Modern Networking App that creates a single view of a professionals network and measures the strength of relationships as they interact across platforms and over their career.

Nudge helps individuals, teams, and businesses leverage their network strength to engage the right prospects, customers or anyone they care about. 


Victoria, BC 

Referral SaaSquatch is a Financial Marketing platform that helps web and mobile apps, market places and consumer e-commerce acquire new customers through customer referral programs and other incentive based marketing programs. 


Vancouver, BC 

RentMoola, one of North America's leading fintech companies is changing the landscape of paying rent all over the world. Solving the age-old problem that paying and collecting rent is a major hassle, RentMoola is an online global payment network that allows tenants and owners to pay rent and other payments by credit card, debit card, RM Direct Debit™ or RM Cash™ while earning rewards. Members have access to our MoolaPerks™ program that provides exclusive deals to travel, lifestyle, home services and other rewards redeemable across North America, UK and Europe.


Toronto, ON 

Rumble is a full stack video platform that allows users to upload, create channels, share, distribute and monetize videos by using the Rumble Rank technology. Recently ranked 41st on comScore’s Top 100 content video ranking, the company boasts an army of more than 21,000 video creators that currently contribute to more than 250M streams per month.


Montreal, QC

SportlogiQ was founded by Olympic athlete Craig Buntin, and computer vision PhD, Mehrsan Javan. The company utilizes proprietary computer vision software to generate advanced sport analytics from standard broadcast footage. In SportlogiQ’s first year it generated over 4 million data points across the 2015/16 NHL season, signing 7 NHL teams and two major broadcast networks as clients. In order to support this growth, the company raised $2.1M in seed financing, including an investment from Mark Cuban.


Toronto, ON 

StackAdapt is a Programmatic Native Advertising Platform that powers brands and agencies with attention optimization and content distribution through in-feed native ads. 

StackAdapt’s centralized buying platform provides access to the largest native advertising exchanges and premium publishers. It leverages real-time, data-driven targeting to reach consumers with highly engaging, content-driven native ad units served in-feed.