48 Hours in the Valley 

December 2015 Cohort

BONE structure

Laval, Quebec

BONE Structure® has developed and patented a technology that allows you to design, manufacture and assemble residential and light commercial buildings with zero waste, efficiently and without compromising architectural creativity. BONE Structure buildings are healthy, energy efficient, adaptable and sustainable. Since 2005, BONE Structure has partnered with architects and builders to complete hundreds of custom projects using our proprietary technology. Our purpose is to revolutionize all aspects of the residential and light commercial construction industry, starting from the client experience to design and technology.


Toronto, ON

CareGuide matches families with local care providers through our portfolio of websites, including Sitter.com, Housekeeper.com, PetSitter.com, ElderCare.com, and HouseSitter.com.

Community Sift

Kelowna, BC

The Internet is becoming more and more social every year and countless new start-ups are appearing based on the assumption that if users share videos, photos, comments and chat they will be successful.  At the same time cyberbullying is all over the news and for these companies to be successful they need to find the careful balance that makes the community flourish and not fade away.  We work with some of the largest messenger apps, games, and social media sites and are showing month over month two digit growth.  We took the old art of content moderation, converted it to a SaaS model and added context, reputation and more actions than just block everything. We are the backbone that powers today’s new social web.


Toronto, ON

CrowdRiff's unique social search enables brands to pinpoint visual content for marketing at scale. The platform provides a control center to capture, organize and acquire rights to photos & videos, all while building relationships with contributors. Brands use the photos to tell better stories across their website, advertising, blog posts and more.


Montreal, QU

Flatbook is the first hospitality brand for the sharing economy. Rent unique local places with all the services you’d expect from a hotel, including 24/7 guest support, 5-star cleanliness, and a welcome book full of local knowledge.
Interested in renting your place? Flatbook offers full service management for your short term rental. We take care of everything from pricing and booking to 24/7 guest support and professional cleaning, so you can earn revenue without all the work. Find out more at Flatbook.co/property-management

Foko Inc.

Ottawa, ON

Foko is a visual messaging app - built for retail teams.

Foko enables: 1.)Private and secure messaging within the company in open channels, through direct messages, and in private groups. 2.) Conversations with visual content: Share photos, albums, videos, live broadcasts, web links, PDFs, and other document types. 3.) Integration with 3rd party services  - inventory, POS, social media, scheduling) - creating a one-stop shop for all team communications.

A team can be up and running within seconds with the free iOS and Android apps, or using the full-featured web interface.  Over 1000 brands are already using Foko for their team communications.

Graphite Software

Ottawa, ON

Graphite is redefining the Android user experience by enabling multiple virtual phones on one device. Secure Spaces is virtualization technology with performance and ease of integration unlike past approaches combined with cloud management. The technology is deployed on Coolpad, Alcatel/TCL and Blackphone smartphones with 3 other OEMs in the pipeline. Over 100M devices to be deployed in 2016. Support for personal privacy, enterprise work and branded user experiences like never before.


Edmonton, AB

LoginRadius is a leading SaaS provider of Customer Identity & Access Management (cIAM) solutions for the SME market that already serves over 150,000 websites and mobile applications and reaches over 350 million online users worldwide.


Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada

6 of the 10 most largest malls in Canada and three leading retailer chains are transforming the customer experience and managing spatial data on our platform. Initially focusing in retail, MappedIn is building the world’s best dataset of what's indoors.

PostBeyond Inc

Toronto, ON

We're a SaaS company that provides enterprises with a system that helps scale knowledge and content distribution across organizations.

Enterprises want to scale knowledge transfer throughout their company. VPs and Marketing understand that their employees have the best potential to share positive word of mouth about their brand, but lack the tools to do so. Our software makes it simple for employees of any level to log in to a centralized content library and share content with their networks to build and nurture relationships.


Sensibill Inc.

Toronto, ON

Sensibill provides a turnkey digital receipt solution to the world’s largest financial institutions. Our service allows retail customers to manage their itemized receipts from trusted financial services applications. The Sensibill platform combines best-in-class technology with beautiful interface design to deliver an experience that creates consistent customer engagement for banking applications and transforms customers into advocates.


Montreal, QU

Sharethebus removes all of the friction involved in bringing a group of people to an event or experience. Our web app makes it easy to organize, book, join and enjoy bus trips: we believe organizing group travel should be just as easy and fun as the trip itself. Founded by travel industry veterans and built with startup hustle, we get you where you want to go, with people you love, while having a blast


Toronto, ON

Statflo is reinventing wireless customer service by helping wireless carriers and their retail channel build stronger, more authentic relationships with customers. Using carrier and POS data, Statflo's CLM and retail BI platform retains up to 77% more customers, empowers relevant upsells to up to 44% of customers and enables retail stores to get up to 6X the lifetime value from their customers - all through driving great customer service. 

Storybird Inc

Toronto, ON

Storybird is a publishing platform with a simple concept: we use art to inspire people to write chapter books, picture books, and poetry. In three years, our community has created 13 million stories and read them for several billion minutes. They are *engaged*. Today, over 5 million members use Storybird at home and in schools and libraries. More than 400,000 educators use our platform to inspire writing and reading. Additionally, a growing list of authors and artists are building a remarkable relationship with passionate young writers and readers.

ThinkData Works Inc.

Toronto, ON

ThinkData is a Toronto based open data startup that aggregates information from all levels of government and other institutions, allowing developers, businesses, and citizens to access high value data in standard usable formats. We also deploy an enterprise platform for our corporate clients giving them a clean and secure way to bring open data ‘behind the firewall’, adding additional value to their organization’s pre-existing big data.


Toronto, ON

Vantage tracks the heartbeat of ecommerce retailers and builds intelligent marketing campaigns to help make them more successful.
Vantage takes the most powerful data analytics and forecasting platform for Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce and Pixafy, and pairs it with the easiest to use, intelligent marketing automation tool available. Vantage’s integrated, simple interface makes it excitingly easy for retailers to use their data to connect with their customers and attract new ones.